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Visa Fees
4 nights stay in Sapphire Bayil (4*) or Similar
Daily Indian Dinners
To and Fro Airport Transfers
Baku Night Tour
Baku City Tour
Excursion to Gabala
Explore Absheron Peninsula
Explore Gobustan

4 Breakfast, 4 Indian Dinners

To and Fro Flights in Economy Class

TRAVEL MONTHS: July 2024, Aug 2024, Sep 2024, Oct 2024, Nov 2024, Dec 2024


  • 04 Nights hotel accommodation
  • To and Fro Flights
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • Visa Fees
  • Sightseeing

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  • Insurance
  • Mud volcanoes taxi
  • Any others expenses which are not mentioned at the included section

Day 1: Arrival In Baku With Baku Night Tour (Highland Park And Seaside Boulevard)

Welcome to the capital of Azerbaijan, the largest city in the world to be below sea level, which is 28m deep. Our representative will wait for your arrival to guide you to your ride. We head to your hotel to check-in and rest.
In the evening, a night tour in Baku has been arranged with a private driver to take you around. We will be visiting several main attractions and present you with several choices of destinations to visit. Don’t be shy to request for stops on your way around for pictures or to take a quick look at interesting spots.
The Highland Park is known for its panoramic view of Baku Bay, a staple for tourists to get a grip of the beauty of Baku. The park is located on the highest point of Baku, which also means it has an exceptionally stunning view of the city. Ride down from the park to the Flame Towers which is a set of three skyscrapers designed to look like burning embers at night. These high-rise buildings have shopping malls, hotels, and residential areas, and have truly become the symbol of Azerbaijan’s nickname, “The Land of Fire.”
Additionally, you can choose between visiting either the Government House, the State Philharmonic Hall, the Mugham Center, or the Carpet Museum next. The Government House of Baku was designed with Baroque architecture with Soviet influence. The Philharmonic Hall is the main concert hall of Azerbaijan, built in 1910. The International Mugham Center is designed in the likes of the traditional Iran instrument Tar, and is a center to preserve Mugham, a type of classical music genre from Azerbaijan. And the Carpet Museum has everything from ancient rugs to modern carpets and their weaving methods recorded, documented, and shared. Learn about everything on perhaps, one of the most popular souvenirs from Azerbaijan due to the gorgeous, intricate embroideries.
Finally, make a stop at the Heydar Aliyev Center that has an exceptional architecture, a pride of the architect Zaha Hadid. It has Neo-futurism style and Zaha Hadid became the first woman to win the Design Museum’s Design of the Year Award in 2014. Enjoy your dinner and take a relaxing stroll through the beautiful Baku Boulevard that has an amazing view of the sea.
We return to the hotel afterward for your overnight stay in Baku.

Day 2: Baku City Tour (Old Town, Nizami Street, And Heydar Aliyev Center)

Enjoy your breakfast today before we head out. We’re going on a city tour in Baku starting from the Martyrs’ Lane that’s also formerly known as the Kirov Park. This is a cemetery, beautifully decorated and well-cared for, dedicated to the people who were killed by the Soviet Army during Black January and the First Nagomo-Karabakh War. Then visit Baku Boulevard which is the National Park that was established in 1909 with an exceptional view of the open water. This seafront promenade is a beautiful place to just relax and unwind with your friends.
The tour continues to the Old City of Icherisheher which is the oldest part of Baku. This is where the historic buildings are and remains a highly debated issue as to when did the oldest construction take place. A good amount of buildings preserved here were from the 15th or 16th century, with Synyg Galal Minaret from the 11th century. We’ll past through the entrance, which is Qosha Qala, the double north city gate where caravans would enter and exit the city. Then head to the St. Nicholas Church that was built between 1850 to 1857 that was a Russian Orthodox church built on what was a mosque that became a military warehouse. We’ll then check out the famous Baku Khans’ Residence, which is a palace complex beautifully decorated as the house of the final Baku Khan. It was presumably built in the 17th century and reconstructions have been performed to sections that were destroyed in 2020. Also, arguably one of the most notable building is the Maiden Tower which construction date is still be debated between the 7th to the 12th century.
Then drive downtown to visit the Fountains Square which is a public gathering place that’s especially popular during afterhours and on weekends. The street is lined up with boutiques, restaurants, hotels, and obviously, fountains! Relax at the Molokan Garden which is one of Baku’s oldest parks built around the second half of the 19th century. We’ll make another stop at the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center for pictures.
Enjoy your dinner afterwards before we spend the night at the hotel.
(Breakfast & Dinner)

Day 3: Full-day Gabala Tour (Nohur Lake, Tufandag Complex, Gabaland)

Enjoy your breakfast today before we leave to see one of the most remarkable area in Azerbaijan: Gabala. Particularly in the Old Town area of Gabala which is rich is historical monuments, the home of much of the current Azerbaijan culture we know of. There is an Albanian church from the 4th century in Amili Village, the tombs of Sheikh Badraddin and Sheikh Mansur in Hazra Village, and so many old ruins and preserved buildings to see. This is heaven for historic nerds who love being lost in time as they take a walk in the villages that used to witness Gabala at its peak in the past.
The modern city of Gabala is in the Sheki – Zakatala area which borders between Russia and Georgia. As a home to also a lot of natural wonders, you’ll love exploring the most beautiful of “Azerbaijani Switzerland” area. Famed for the chestnut and walnut forests are the Tufandag Complex which has a resort area where you can enjoy a stunning view of the forests under you. We continue driving to see the Yeddi Gozal Waterfall which also means the Seven Beautiful Waterfalls. This waterfall is around 53m above sea level and consists of seven stages, hence the name. We’ll also head to the Nohur Gol Lake which is just 5km east of the city, surrounded by forests and high mountains.
Enjoy your dinner here before we drive back to the hotel in Baku for your overnight stay.
(Breakfast & Dinner)

Day 4: Half-day Absheron Tour (Atashgah Temple, Burning Mountain) With Half-day Gobustan Tour

Enjoy your breakfast today before we head on a tour to the Absheron peninsula, which is all the way to the east of Azerbaijan. It extends to the Caspian Sea and we start the tour with a visit to the Ateshgah of Baku which is the Temple of Fire Worshippers. This was the place of worship for Hindu, Sikh, and Zoroastrian. We can see the oil wells drilling through the Caspian Sea in the distance from the fortified Ramana Castle which is located just in downtown Baku. We’ll then go up the Burning Mountain, the Yanar Dagh, where you can see eternally burning fire caused by natural gas on the hillside. It is thought that they might have been burning for hundreds of years fuelled by gas that spills from ground vents.
We’ll be checking out the old castles when we arrive at the ancient sites, many ranging from the 12th to the 13th centuries. The Nardaran village has the Nardaran Fortress which was built in 1301 and it was used by the Shirvanshahs as a fortress. There are more medieval castles to see at Mardakan Village, namely the Quadrangular Mardaka Fortress, built in a quadrangle shape in the 12th century. We’ll be checking out a lot of ancient sites with a guide who will show you the way.
After lunch, we’ll be hopping on another tour to Gobustan, to be exactly, we’ll be to the west side of the Gobustan settlement, roughly 64km southwest of the center of Baku. Gobustan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and we’re going to check out all of the archaeological sites to check out the substantial evidence of rock paintings of hunters, local fauna and flora, and lifestyles from prehistoric times. There are nearly 6,000 rock carvings here, some dating as far back as 20,000 years ago, giving insights into how people used to live in those days.
We’ll enjoy dinner after driving back to the city in Baku, then back to your hotel for your overnight stay.
(Breakfast & Dinner)

Day 5: Departure From Baku

Enjoy your breakfast today before we check-out. We say goodbye to Azerbaijan today and a ride will transfer you to the airport for your flight back home.